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Injection Moulding

We, Vikas Industry, produce best quality injection molded parts , also keeping in mind timely delivery and customer’s requirements. We are leading manufacturer s of plastic injection molds in India. Injection molding ,in a simple language is high pressure injection of Thermo plastic raw material into a mold to make it as a required shape. Molds are made up of stainless steel. These products vary from few grams to 2 kgs.

Gas Injection Moulding

In this N2 gas at low pressure is utilized to apply uniform pressure on molded plastic parts. N2 gas can come in contact with melts at high temperature without difficulty. The principle of this process is that nitrogen gas is injected, during the moulding cycle, either through the sprue or directly into the mould tool. At a controlled high pressure this has the benefit of overcoming sink marks or introducing a cavity without the requirement of a core.


Metal mold or metal casting is related to metal moulds or permanent molds made from metal. Typical parts include gears, Wheels, Pipe fittings and engine pistons. A mould is formed that of a desired shape and molten metal is then poured into it to get it into a desired shape. Metal molds can be made from various metals but generally they are made from Aluminum, Iron, or Brass.

Post Moulding Operations

• Screen Printing
• Spray Painting
• Wood Transfer
• Chrome Plating

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